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Harvard Book Awards

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As the first Samoan-American graduate of Harvard University, Mufi Hannemann has honored local high school juniors who demonstrate excellence in scholarship, achievement in extracurricular pursuits, and sound personal character with the Harvard Book Award. The award, which Hannemann, a Harvard honors graduate, has sponsored and awarded for more than 30 years, encourages outstanding Hawaii students to continue to strive for excellence in all of their endeavors. Mufi’s parents Faiaso and Gustav were his inspiration to matriculate at this Ivy League institution. 

The award, which has been presented at thousands of schools around the world since 1910, is given in the hopes that this recognition will inspire students to reach their fullest potential in their post-graduate endeavors. 


Each selected school nominates its top junior to receive the award. Schools may submit their nominations by mail to: 

Mufi Hannemann Awards

P.O. Box 459 

Honolulu, Hawaii 96809


or via e-mail to:


The deadline is April 30. For general questions and inquiries, please email:

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